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'22-'23 Teacher of the Year

Shelly Hale - 5th Grade

'22-'23 Teacher of the Year, Shelly Hale

It is the job of the Angie Debo Webmaster to keep our webpage current with all the latest dolphin news. Although my friendship with Ms. Hale is still quite new, I knew as soon as she won Teach of the Year that it would be hard to ask her to write an autobiographical blurb about herself - from our conversations it was very evident that she’s the low-profile kind of teacher that does truly amazing things in her classroom, but she certainly isn’t the kind that wants to be in the spotlight for those amazing things. So I chose not to ask her to write something, but instead I have linked her  “All About Me” teacher page here. I thought it might be best though for our website visitors, be those A.D. family, friends, or prospective dolphins, to hear about Ms. Hale from her colleagues and students. 

Below are submissions from our dolphin family about why we love that Ms. Hale is our Teacher of the Year: 

*Some responses have been edited for grammar, usage, mechanics, and clarity.*

  • Shelly loves people! All people! Especially her kids! She has always built relationships where her students love her and love to learn!  She is a prime example of a teacher who teaches from the heart AND to the heart! I taught the year she student-taught in second grade. She was a very diligent and attentive student teacher! She was amazing then and she has grown so much since! 

  • Ms. Hale selflessly gives her time and energy to help others without expecting anything in return!

  • Ms. Hale is deserving of the TOY award for Angie Debo because she takes time to get to know her students and forms relationships with each and everyone of them. She makes her students feel so safe and loved! I would be lucky to have Ms. Hale as one of my personal childrens’ teachers! 

  • Shelly will go above and beyond to form relationships with her students and families.  Long after they’ve left her classroom, she checks in on them, attends their sporting events, and remains in communication with their families. 

  • She is caring and passionate and her kids love her!

  • Ms. Hale loves her students more than anything!  She is always loving and kind, but when the time comes she also needs them to follow expectations to give them the life skills they will need to be better humans.  

  • I have seen Ms. Hale in action for the last 5 years.  She welcomed me into 5th grade, and like she always tells our 5th graders, she led by example.  She showed me the ropes, team-taught with me, and allowed me to watch her in action.  One of her greatest strengths is the relationships she builds with her students.  They know they are loved, and at the same time she demands respect.  She truly is one of a kind.  

  • Mrs. Hale had my middle daughter one of the first years she was a teacher.  It was a wonderful year and Gracie loved her. 

  • Ms. Hale always shows much love and concern for her class.  She has much  integrity and is a great example to the students and staff at Angie Debo.  Thanks for cheering our A.D. family on, always!

  • Ms. Hale is a great Teacher of the Year because she is kind, she never takes anything too seriously, she is funny, and she is the best 5th grade teacher! 

  • She is the most respectful teacher and the most caring.

  • She is the most respectful teacher and the most caring, and she is the best.

  • Ms. Hale always pushes us to do better and focus.

  • I think she deserves Teacher of the Year because she is super nice and motivating.

  • She is the hardest working teacher I know and ever met, so she, at least, should get Teacher of the Year.

  • I think she deserves Teacher of the Year because she is super nice and motivating.

  • I do think she is deserving of the " Teacher of the Year" award; she is kind and sweet.

  • She rocks, and she is best teacher - no offense, Ms.Tucker and Ms. Beke.

  • She is a good teacher, and she tells the truth about life. And she is loving.

  • I think she deserves the Teacher of the Year award because she is always so interactive with us and always has something fun  planned.

  • Because Ms. Hale loves all of us like family.

  • It's because she can make everyone silent, and silence helps me work.

  • I think she deserves it because she works so hard and does so well with everyone she meets, and she is very kind and loyal.

  • I think she should win the Teacher of the Year award because she loves you and wants you to do good and she’s getting you ready for the next grade.She is a really good teacher; she makes science fun. Like because science could be boring, but she makes it really fun.

  • The main reason I think Ms. Hale is deserving of the award is...now that I think about it, there are a lot  of reasons why! For one, she is obsessed  with OU.  She is the most funny, fun, and kind person. That is why I think Ms. Hale is the perfect person for the award.

  • She has by far been the kindest and most caring teacher that I have ever had.

While there were more responses, I thought the aforementioned summed up what all of us feel about Ms. Hale, and I hope that this compilation will remind her of the impact she has on our school community every day. 

Congratulations, TOY!