Waiting List

The Edmond Schools Before & After Care Programs are licensed by DHS and limit the number of children enrolled.  When we reach our maximum enrollment, those interested may email to have their child’s name added to our  Before & After Care Waiting List. Daycare Waiting List

Vacancies: When a child’s spot is vacated, the Director will then call the next person on the waiting list to fill the same type of spot that was vacated.  For example, if the spot was for both Before & After Care, it will be filled with another child wanting both Before & After.

Unfortunately, vacancies are only available when a child leaves our program so there is no way to predict when and if there will be spots available.

Waiting List Duration: The waiting list stays active throughout the end of one school year to the end of the following school year.  After that period of time, please check the status of your placement.

The waiting list is utilized if a spot becomes available throughout the year, as well as, at the end of the school year when pre-enrolling for the next school year in early to mid May.  The children currently enrolled in the program are offered spots first. The remaining spots are then offered to those on the waiting list. You will be contacted at the phone number or email address that you have given to the Before & After Care program, not the school office.

Once a vacancy is offered and the recipient passes up the spot, his/her name is taken off of the waiting list.