In the morning, the daycare will be in the gym and the computer lab.  The gym provides physical equipment for large motor play and group and individual games. In the afternoon, (weather permitting) the children can play outside and can utilize the school’s playground equipment (monkey bars, jungle gym, jump ropes, hoola hoops, scooters, balls, etc.).  We also play in the cafeteria or gym and the children are provided with arts and crafts material, board games, Play-Doh, painting, coloring, darts, foam balls, ping pong, etc.  Going to computer lab is also a choice. Personal toys, electronic games and balls should be left at home.

There are also homework tables/areas set up for the children to work on assignments if they choose to do so.  The workers will “assist” with homework, but there is not a “tutoring/teaching” session.  It is the child’s responsibility to complete his/her homework.