# of days               Before Only        After Only         Before & After

5                                 $53                          $63                      $92

4                                 $46                          $55                      $77

3                                 $37                         $45                      $62

2                                 $28                         $35                     $47

1                                  $19                        $25                      $32

1st-5th GRADE

# of days               Before Only        After Only         Before & After

5                                 $56                        $66                     $95

4                                 $47                        $55                      $81

3                                 $38                        $45                      $65

2                                 $29                       $35                       $49

1                                  $20                        $25                     $33


Payment is due on Monday of each week, regardless of attendance.  Payments should be received by close of Daycare on Tuesday to avoid a $15 late payment fee, per child.  The $15, per child, late fee accrues on Wednesday morning and is in addition to your weekly Daycare fees. Payments must be for the scheduled days and times previously given to the Director.  Refunds and/or reductions will not be made for illnesses, absences, and extracurricular activities.  You will be charged for the # of days that you signed up for.  We will not pro-rate fees!

Payments can be made preferably with checks, but also with cash.  When writing a check, please put the dates that you are paying for, student’s name and teacher,  on the “memo” line. Payments can be made in advance or on the Monday of the current week.  Payments may be made at the beginning of the month for the entire month, paid in 2-week increments, or weekly on Mondays. Nonpayment in excess of a week without prior notification to the Director will result in the loss of your child’s spot in Daycare and no remittance for the remainder of the school year.

It’s imperative to make payments in a timely manner. Failure to pay will result in your child losing his/her space.  We’re a non-profit program and payments go toward daycare supplies/equipment, school programs, and daycare teacher salaries.  It is your responsibility to make correct payment on time! If unable to make payment, please make arrangements with the Director.

Payments can be made online through InTouch Receipting.